Full Day Athlete Cleanse

Full Day Athlete Cleanse

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During this cleanse you will be provided with 3 juices and 3 smoothies that you will consume throughout the day. The juices will flood your body with nutrients while the smoothies will allow your body to prepare for and recover from high Intensity Workouts. No chewing will be needed for this cleanse, giving your digestive tract time to rest and heal.

There are 2 levels available: (please select at checkout)

Level 1: (First Timer) Our most popular level. Heavier in fruits to cut through the taste of vegetables. Includes: Greenade, Green Hornet Smoothie, Recover Me, AB&J smoothie, Detox Me, and So fresh, so Green Smoothie

Level 2: (Advanced) Recommended for someone who loves the taste of veggies and seeks a deeper cleanse. Includes: Detox Me, Green Hornet Smoothie, Regulator, AB&J smoothie, Regulator, So fresh so Green.

You will also have the option to select whether you want your smoothies pre-made in a bottle and kept in the fridge, or in a freezer back-to be kept frozen and blended at home.