Juices $8.25


apple, spinach, kale, celery & lemon


cucumber, kale, celery, spinach, parsley & coconut water

Aww Kale Yeah

double kale, celery, pineapple, lemon & jalapeño

Dtox Me

cucumber, mint, carrot, apple, lemon & ginger

Recover Me

watermelon, coconut water, apple, beet, lemon & himalayan crystal salt


sprouted almond, filtered water, medjool date, cinnamon, & himalayan crystal salt

juice flights $8

6 two ounce cups 

Don't know which juice to choose? Do they all sound good? Try a juice flight!

Wellness Shots $4.50

Boost Me Up

living b12, yerba mate & lemon

Hot Shot

ginger, lemon & cayenne

Cold Busta

lemon, ginger, garlic, jalapeño, beet, tumeric, oreganol & cayenne 

Head Shot

brain on, ginko biloba, lemon & coconut water

Full Court Press

cold press greens, cucumber, spirulina & e3 live

Zen Zinger

carrot, ginger, B12, ginko biloba & lemon




sir purr

banana, cinnamon, cacao, blue majic, & almond milk

green goddess

mango, banana, spinach, & apple juice

pitaya pick me up

pitaya, strawberry, banana, & apple juice



Power Lunch

blueberry, banana, vegan protein, cacao, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla extract, coconut oil, & coconut water

Captain Clutch

blueberry, banana,vegan protein, maca root, peanut butter, chia seeds, kale, coconut oil, apple juice, & almond milk

healthy as hale

durian, banana, kale, vegan protein, brain on, almond butter, spirulina, coconut oil, & coconut water


Green dream

peanut butter, banana, broccoli, spinach, spirulina, & almond milk

ab & j

strawberry, banana, vanilla whey protein, almond butter, spirulina, flax oil & apple juice

so fresh, so green

mango, banana, broccoli, ginger, kale, lemon juice, & apple juice

farmers delight

mango, cucumber, beet, kale, vegan protein, & apple juice

berry fit

blueberry, banana, vanilla whey protein, vegan protein, chia seed, & apple juice

master detox

mango, banana, cucumber, mint, spirulina, apple juice, & almond milk



Super Doc

banana, chocolate whey protein, almond milk, peanut butter, & coconut oil

Energizer 2.0

strawberry, banana, vegan protein, vanilla whey protein, almond milk,& maca root

Mr. Joe

banana, cold brewed coffee, almond milk, peanut butter, cinnamon & chocolate whey protein



OG: BIG sexy

acai, bluberry, banana, & almond milk blended - topped with granola, banana, peanut butter, cacao nibs, & honey

mirror mirror

pitaya, strawberry, banana, & almond milk blended - topped with granola, pineapple, sliced almonds, bee pollen, coconut flakes, & honey

nutty by nature

pitaya, strawberry, banana, & almond milk blended - topped with granola, mulberries, strawberries, 


Juice Till Dinner $32/day

Consume 4 Cold Pressed Juices throughout the day followed by a clean, veggie-rich dinner. Perfect for the first time cleanser. Grab a 3-5 day cleanse whenever your health is in need of a quick reset. 

Signature Cleanses

1 Day Signature $51 - 6 cold pressed juices & 1 wellness shot

2 Day Signature $100 - 12 cold pressed juices & 2 wellness shots

3 Day Signature $148 - 18 cold pressed juices & 3 wellness shots

5 Day Signature $240 - 30 cold pressed juices & 5 wellness shots