Calling all Athletes!

We have a brand new Cleanse for you!

One that Allows you to continue working out while also flooding your body with nutrients and giving your digestive system time

to rest and heal.

Athlete cleanse.JPG

What is it?

3 days of cleansing that incorporates both juices AND smoothies into a cleanse.



We created this cleanse so you as an athlete can continue to work out while cleansing.


We suggest doing this for 3 days.

You can do full days which consists of 3 juices and 3 smoothies with no solid food.


You can do our “Till Dinner” option that consists of 2 juices and 2 smoothies then a light healthy dinner.

Both of these options will flood your body with nutrients while also allowing your digestive system to rest and recover. We recommend drinking at least 8 oz of water between each juice or smoothie to aid in the cleansing process.

We strongly believe that you will feel energized, nourished, and refreshed after this cleanse.

We offer our smoothies in either a bottled option- that you keep refrigerated and do not have to blend. Or our smoothie bag option that is kept frozen and blended at home. You choose which you prefer!