Lets Talk Hot SHOT

I want to tell you a little bit about my little friend


This immune boosting, Metabolism revving, miracle shot will have you dancing for joy! I mean just take a look at it:

1 Hotshot.jpg

Ok now that your mouth is watering- lets Talk ingredients!

  • Ginger- Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger that gives it all of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It has been proven to help soothe the stomach and treat many forms of nausea.  It also has properties that decrease inflammation which in turn can reduce muscle pain and soreness. Ladies- if you suffer from menstrual pain, this strong little root  has also been used for hundreds of years to help treat menstrual cramps. HALLELUJAH!
  • Lemon- Packs a powerful punch of Vitamin C which is clinically proven to boost your immune system. Lemon juice is also a natural cleaner, not only for your house, but also for inside your body. It helps your body's filter system cleaning up organs such as your liver and kidneys. It is also high in Citric acid which is a key part of the Kreb's cycle which is essential for metabolic function. HELLO weight loss.
  • Cayenne- This not only adds a little spice to wake up your taste buds, it also heats up your body from the inside out causing you to burn more calories. The capsaicin in these peppers has also been shown to reduce hunger. Capsaicin also may have the ability to help reduce your risk of cancer by disturbing the cell growth process of cancer cells.

Lets get one more look- mmmmm Go get ya HOT SHOT!

2 hotshot.JPG